Despite the blaze of publicity, Boracay was not really on top of my getaway list. I grew up in a province where serene islands with untouched beauty are very accessible and affordable.  There are only two things missing: the fun water activities and the great nightlife; not really deciding points for me though. Coz one, I’m always hesitant with recreational activities, especially when it involves the water because I CAN’T SWIM. It’s a shame, right? And two, I’m not really a partyphile. Besides, I hate crowded beaches, which is how Boracay is often presented.  

But things definitely change. Now that I’ve been there, Boracay is no doubt one of my favorite beaches and I’m definitely thinking of going back, this time, with my family.


  1. Island Hopping

Enjoy 3-4 hours of fun with an Island hopping tour that usually includes visiting three islands, fish feeding, snorkeling and a lunch buffet. You can also customize the tour to include other islands. We visited Puka Beach, Magic Island, Crystal Cove and enjoyed a delish lunch buffet at the native restaurant Piknikan situated at an island near Crystal Cove.

Enjoy traveling around in a comfy speed boat.
PUKA BEACH: Rest under the shade of cute huts and try their thirst quenching fruit shakes. 
CRYSTAL COVE: For an entrance of P200, you get to enjoy this picturesque medieval-village inspired resort
Enjoy feeding this tiny fishes whether you’re on the boat or your down at the water snorkeling. 

Rates:  Php600 to Php1500 per person depending on the size of the boat and whether it is a peak or off season. We got our package for only Php600.   Where to book:  We got our tour from Shingley Tours Boracay. You can also try asking from your hotel or check out the tour booths located at White Beach. You can even see a lot of people with a laminated copy of the activities all over White Beach.   

  1. Snorkeling
    Have access and enjoy nature’s sublime realms even without hours of diving training or that expensive diving equipment.

Rates: Usually free with an island hopping package and also includes fish feeding. If booked as a standalone, this could cost only Php250 – Php350.  Where to book: We got our snorkeling from Shingley Tours Boracay as an inclusion to our island hopping tour.  

  1. Cliff Diving
    This is probably the least complicated activity you can try. No need for any special training and equipment. Just stand on the cliff, take in the view, and feel the rush as you jump and splash into the cerulean water. You can do this either on Ariels Point or Magic Island.

Magic Island
It will only cost you Php150 to gain entrance to the island and enjoy this exhilarating activity. This island was already included in our island hopping package.

Ariel’s Point
This place is a bit costly compared to Magic Island and is usually advertised in a package that includes: swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, buffet, unlimited drinks and cliff diving. The package usually costs around Php1000 – Php2500.


Where to book: You can book from the booths located in White Beach.

  1. Parasailing
    You don’t need to wonder how it feels to fly and be whisked into the sky. You can now experience it firsthand. Enjoy the awe-inspiring aerial view of the mountains and the long shoreline while soaring 100 meters high, above the island.

Rates:  Php1500 – Php2500 per person depending on the number of people in your group and how effective your haggling skills are *wink*. This can even be pushed lower especially during off-peak season. We got ours for only Php1300/ pax and that already includes helmet diving.  Where to Book: We got our package from Napoleon Sea Sports. You can also try Diamond Water Sports or check out the booths on White Beach for more choices. 

  1. Helmet Diving / Marine Walk
    Rendezvous with vibrantly colored fishes through this euphoric underwater activity. You can trek around the surrounding coral formations and feed these aquatic marvels. Diver or not, swimmer or not, you can get up close and personal with marine life while an experienced diver digitally documents the moment.

Rates: Php1000 – Php1500 per person.  Where to Book: We got our package from Napoleon Sea Sports. You can also try Diamond Water Sports or  Shingley Tours Boracay.  

  1. Paraw Sailing
    A Paraw is a traditional non-motor Filipino sailboat that relies solely on wind and sails to move. It has nets that stretch from the hull to the outriggers on both sides where you can sit or lie down, so you are like floating a few inches above the water. Feel relaxed while admiring the popular sunset of Boracay without the annoying sound you usually hear on motor boats. If you’re an adventure lover and would like to feel a lil bit of thrill and some splashes of water, then you can do it during midday when the waves are bigger.

Rates: Php200 – Php1000 Where to Book: You can see the paraws just along the shores of White Beach. The owners are just eyeing it nearby, you can just stand near the paraws and in less than 5 minutes, someone will approach you to provide you with the deets and the price

  1. Kite Surfing
    This is like surfing, wakeboarding, and paragliding rolled into one. Usually, you can see kite surfers in Bulabog beach where the tide is low and the wind is strong; also perfect conditions for beginners.

Price: Price starts at 3000php per person depending on the level of training lesson needed. This includes all the professional kite surfer equipment you need.  Where to book: You can find kite surfing shops and schoosl at Bulabog Beach.  

  1. Wind Surfing
    This sport is a combination of surfing and sailing; surfing the waves and sailing through strong winds. Just the sound of that makes it a bit complicated and difficult. That is why they offer training courses to help you get familiar with all the basics.

Price: The price starts at Php1700 depending on the level of training you need.  Where to book: Most of the surfing shops are located at Bulabog Beach.  

  1. Fly Fish
    Thrill seekers, this hair-raising ride is the best water sport for you. An inflatable raft that looks like 3 banana boats attached together will be towed by a high-speed boat down the wind’s path. The stronger the wind and the faster the boat, the higher the raft rises above the water. You’re not gonna be secured with straps so you have to hang tight or you will end up in the water. If you like a challenge, make sure you don’t miss this.

Rates: Php500 – Php1500 depending on the number of people in a group.  Where to Book: You can see a lot of people bringing laminated flyers so you can approach them. You can also just go directly to the activity booths on White beach. 

  1. Banana Boat
    Not venturesome or bold enough to try Fly Fish? Then you should try the Banana Boat instead. This activity is now a very popular water sport. Just like the Fly Fish, it is a speed induced water activity but more perfect for families and groups that have members at different age groups.

Rates: Price starts at Php 250 Where to Book:Napoleon Sea Sports,  Diamond Water Sports or  Shingley Tours Boracay.  

  1. ATV
    If you wanna stay away from the water for a bit, go and tackle the island’s rough terrain and breathtaking trail on an All Terrain Vehicle. A quick training will be provided before you start driving the ATV and a guide will be with you throughout.
Tropicana Sands

Rates:Php600- Php1000 Where to Book: Most ATV rides can be rented near the main road.  

  1. Paddle Board
    That may look like a surfing board but rest assured you don’t need professional surfing skills to enjoy this activity. You just need to learn how to balance on the board. And since you are standing at your full height, you get to enjoy the full view of the horizon.

Rates: Price starts at Php 150 Where to book: Paddle Boards are usually just left by the shore. If you just stand there, someone will approach you and offer the activity. You can always get it at the Activities Booths at White beach. 

  1. Mermaid Swimming
    Be whimsically gorgeous like a mermaid! Wear those vibrant and dazzling mermaid tails and achieve the look of a mermaid. Not just that, you can get classes to help you with techniques so you can swim like a mermaid too.
Philippine Mermaid Academy

Rates:Php 1000 for Photo Op, Php2000 –  Php 4500 for the lessons.  Where to book:Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy

  1. Scuba Diving
    Boracay is not only famous for its white beaches. It’s also famous for its diverse marine life and that’s what makes it perfect for diving.

Rates: If you are a beginner, it can be more expensive because you need to take the beginners course first. Price starts at Php3000.  If you are already PADI certified, price starts at Php1400 for the fun dive and can go as high as Php24,000 depending on the package and the dive location.Where to book: There are a lot of diving centers located in White Beach. You can also try Victory DiversWhite Beach Divers and  Calypso Diving.

  1. Jet Ski
    Power your way through the refreshing turquoise waters of Boracay. This activity is perfect for groups and sharing as the fee is not per head but per jet ski rental. You can race with your friends and slice the waves with ultimate speed. You can also share the ride or take turns to divide the fee since the rate is per jet ski rental and not per pax.
White Sand Aqua Sports

Rates: Php 500-1000 per 30 minutes rental and Php 1200- 2500 per 1-hour rental.  Where to book:Diamond Water Sports  and  White Sand Aqua Sports

  1. Reverse Bungee (GMAX)
    I’m sure you have seen a lot of funny videos of people who have tried this heart stopping ride. This is the first of its kind in the Philippines and has rapidly made its way to the top of the “must-try” lists of most adrenaline junkies. Who wouldn’t want to be sky- rocketed at an immense speed? Well, I don’t. But you might.
My Boracay Guide

Rates: Php1500 per person per ride. It can take up to 3 persons at a time. You can add Php 750 if you want the experience filmed. They will store the video in a 2g USB bracelet with a GMAX logo on it.  Where to book:G-Max Reverse Bungy Philippines. You can contact them via mobile at +63921 532-3550. 

  1. Aqua Fun
    Check out this new craze in Boracay! It’s the exciting world of inflatables which offers aqua games that are perfect for the family.
Aqua Fun Boracay

Rates: You can contact them directly for the prices at +63 0995 968 8077, aquafun.entertainment@yahoo.comaquafunboracay2016@gmail.comWhere to book:Aqua Fun Boracay.

  1. Zipline
    Muster the courage to try this hanging adventure. Try the zipline and fulfill your childhood dream of flying as you swing from one point to the other on a superman pose.
My Boracay Guide

Rates:Php 350- Php 1000Where to book:Happy Planet Zipline and Cable Car

  1. Cable Car Ride
    Just like a zipline, you will be transported from one point to another while suspended on a cable, but this time, you will be sitting in the cable car in a slower pace.

Rates:Php 500- Php 1000Where to book:Happy Planet Zipline and Cable Car

So if you ask me, you should really prepare your budget if you’re planning on visiting the island to experience all these fun activities. Prices can increase dramatically during peak season, so make sure that you bring some extra.

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