Boracay is indeed a beautiful island that is frequented by a lot of international tourists. It not only offers a relaxing tropical escapade but it also has a lot of extreme and fun activities to offer. In fact it’s one of the reasons that makes Boracay a popular travel destination secondary to it’s powdery whites sand shores.

But who said you can’t have fun and just relax by the shore? If you’re someone who’s not into extreme activities and just want to getaway and experience the culture, then these activities scream Boracay and are definitely not to be missed.  

Hair Braids 

Whatever the style, they can do it for you. You can pick from a number of styles they had printed on a tarpaulin or you can show them a style you like. You can also request for bright colored yarn strings to be braided with your hair to add color to it.  Price starts at Php 150.  

Henna Tattoo

Boracay’s creative Henna artists can turn your back, arms or legs into an artistic masterpiece. There’s no limit in the designs they can do; whether you like it small and discreet or discernibly big, the artist can do it for you. You can choose from the designs they have in their catalogs or you can have one customized.  Price varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. Smaller and less complicated tattoos are usually priced at Php 80 – Php 150.  


After all the activities scheduled for the day, visit the various massage lounges lined up near the shores and experience a relaxing massage while feeling the warm sea breeze and being serenaded by the calming sound of the waves.Prices range from Php 350 – Php 500.

Fire Dancing

Who would want to miss the hotties on fire! Catch them every night at the bars and restaurants by the shore. Usually restaurants set up their shore dining at around 5 pm and should be ready to serve dinner shortly. Fire dancers entertains diners and passersby from pm onward. Each restaurant has their own team of fire dancers so feel free to stroll on the long stretch of beach to see different fire dancing moves. If you’re dining, you can even request for a special dance exclusive for you and your friends.

Sand Castles

Boracay is famous for these. You’re trip won’t complete without a photo with one of these structures. They have plenty of these with different designs scattered along the shoreline. And during the night, it looks real magical when they add candle lights in it. On several occasions in a day, they will tear it down and build a new one and it’s amazing how fast they can build it. You can even have a customized design just built for you, for a price. But for only 20 pesos/ pax, take unlimited pictures with the famous signature Boracay sandcastles.  


Boracay activities can be overwhelming especially for first timers, but make sure to never miss out on the swimming and the splashes. Boracay waters are crystal clear. and with the fine sand on your toes, it is surely very soothing. Honestly, because we were too busy with the activities, we were not able to enjoy the water much. So on my next visit, I would definitely put swimming first on the list.      


Boracay has an amazing sunset. So just sit by the beach with friends and exchange stories and laughter and enjoy that calm late afternoon vibe. Make sure you don’t miss Mr sun saying goodbye. 

Lounge by the Beach
You can also chill on the benches prepared by your hotel which are available at the beach front. You can take a nap while being brought to sleep by the musical sound of the waves or enjoy a cold drink served by your friendly bartender.

Souvenir Shopping

There are a lot of souvenir stalls in White Beach;  mostly located along the walkways or near the shore. But the best place to get souvenirs is in D’ Talipapa. They offer the lowest prices with a variety of designs. You can buy key holders for as low as Php10 each if you buy 10 pieces. You can also buy  8 pieces of bracelets at a wholesale price of Php100. Adult-sized shirts are even priced at an affordable Php99.

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