Grandma’s Closet : A Must-Wear Retro Vintage Outfit

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I celebrated with the rest of the world for how amazing a mother can be. But today, today is another day. It’s my grandma’s death anniversary. I still miss how she passes by the house each morning to buy her favorite 3-in-1 coffee from our neighbor. And I would intentionally call her name in a very loud and prolonged manner just to tease her without even minding our sleeping neighbors. She would just smile and laugh at how silly I am. I can never forget how her voice sounds when she calls me “Jessa” even when most people call me Jef or Lyn. And I remembered that one time we played dress up, just because we were bored and the electricity is down in our area.

I was taking my long awaited vacation in my hometown after months of working in the city. Funny thing is, Home is a place where there is no cellular connection. We do have internet connection but it’s not as fast as what my service provider offers in the city. Blackouts come as no surprise which is sometimes due to power insufficiency or shortages.

One afternoon, we had a blackout for a few hours. So, no TV, no internet plus no no cellular connection. How bad can it be? Well, it’s not always a bad thing. Coz that would mean we get to keep our hands off our phones and other gadgets and interact with the family, just like how it was when I was growing up.

That day, my sister and I decided to visit our “Lola” (grandmother). We call her Mama Eyay. She was cleaning her closet and it was wide open when we got there. We had this crazy idea of letting my Lola try on a few outfits. I immediately noticed she had great vintage pieces which I was really into that time. So I tried a few on just to see how it looks on me and see if it’s wearable in the modern fashion.

Here’s one of the outfits we checked out. And this is how Mama Eyay usually wears it.

Mama Eyay preferred the top two buttons of her blouses opened since it is almost always very hot in our province. She was very conservative so she doesn’t wear any accessories or heels for that matter. My Lola is a very simple woman. A typical probinsyana like most of the grandmas in our town. As long as she’s wearing a blouse and skirt or a dress when she goes out, she’s good with that. She’s not really the type who puts effort on what she wears. Sometimes she doesn’t even tuck the blouse in. She just let it flow and lay loosely over the skirt.

This is how I would wear it.

I prefer to close all the buttons on the top so I could wear an orange crew bib necklace. I also wore a peep-toe wedge to make me look taller despite the midi skirt. Vintage and retro looks have emerged as a new trend that many people love to achieve. And this outfit fits perfectly with that style. It looks classy with a hint of playfulness because of the combination of colors and the top’s floral print. This outfit is definitely a must wear despite how literally vintage it is.

Seeing these photos made me remember our laughs behind the camera and how she had fun while we were doing her makeup and letting her pose.

I grew up spending a lot of time with my Lola and as I grew older, the times we spent together became shorter, especially when I started college and work in the city. Looking back to my childhood and adolescent days when I spent most of my free time at their house makes me feel like time really does flies so fast. So, if you still have your grandmas and grandpas with you, spend more time with them. They don’t ask much. They don’t demand for your time. But you would surely bring joy to them when you do.

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