All About SHUT UP AND KISS ME|By BeautéWorks Organique

This year is truly amazing. I started the year with my very own organic cosmetic line; a business venture that has been in the making for months. Being so meticulous as I am, the startup took a lot of time as expected. So much thought was put into the branding and the quality of the products. I started small with just one type of product, the Lip and Cheek Gel Tint.

The Collection:

Figuring out the name of the collection was not easy but luckily it did not take so much time. And I’m happy with the decision of going with “Shut Up and Kiss Me!”

The Packaging:

I personally designed the packaging purposely steering away from minimalism. I have never been a minimalist. People close to me can attest to the fact that I tend to exaggerate when it comes to designs. I want the packaging to resonate my girly personality that’s why I chose a flowery printed background in my favorite color – Pink. And because I love being over the top, I made sure that it comes in a felt-textured glittered label and a rose-gold metal cap.

The Shades:

I chose to have natural shades formulated to make it easily wearable at any age group and has the potential to create various makeup looks. BeautéWorks Organique is the very first brand I owned even though it’s already my fourth online shop. I dont think I’d be capable of grabbing this opportunity if it weren’t for my friends and colleagues who were very supportive towards my existing ventures. Thus, I named my liptint shades after them as a way of thanking them and as a reminder that without them, I won’t be able to start any cosmetic line at all.

I started with just 10 shades then added 20 more after a month. Here are the swatches.

Behind The Shades:

This is where I spent most of my time during the planning phase. I don’t want to just randomly assign names to whatever shade. I want to make sure that the shades represents each name perfectly. Each shade should say something about it’s owner and that’s why I paid so much attention on this.

Kathlyn: This baby-doll pink tint is definitely a shade perfect for the soft spoken Kathlyn; a collector of unique scents which The Perfume Emporium is always happy to provide.

Cyrozz: She’s been with me through my lowest and despite that, we manage to make it seem like everything is just peachy – especially her tinged cheeks. And that is why this shade is so her.

Jamaica: Enthusiastic and energetic, just as what Orange represents. Spend time with her and she can contagiously pass it on to you.

Patricia: A combination of Red and Pink to represent a strong and independent woman. She can put her her mind on anything, and next thing you know, she’s making it happen. No sweat!

Jenny:  I read somewhere that Magenta represents universal love at its highest level. And that level of love is what I see through Jenny’s journey as a mother.

Emmie: She loves natural lippies, so the shade of Maroon with a tinge of Orange is perfect for her. Emmie and I may be very different in a lot of ways but surprisingly our friendship grew coz we think alike when it comes to life plans and lessons.

Mahhafy: This Reddish-Brown shade represents my first impression of her. She’s firm, knows what she wants, and works for it. She’s fiery but not wild. Just Red enough to embody her determination.

Caren: She’s definitely a Dark Red. She confidently puts herself out there, speaks her mind out and shows who she really is. She takes risks and no matter how hard it looks, she always believes that she’s up for the challenge.

Gwen: Just like what the Plum color represents, Gwen is not one of the crowd. She’s unique and independent. She’s her own individual. Even after knowing her for a while, she still got that mysterious vibe on her.

Aira: She is the first person that came to mind when I worked on the Brown shade. Just like the color, she’s not one to seek attention. I see her as someone that’s reliable and quietly confident.

Ceraphine: They say Burgundy is more sophisticated than real Red, and that is Ceraphine. He’s soft spoken and reserved but he has a lot to offer than he realized.

Debbie: This bright and vibrant color describes how driven she is when it comes to her goals. And how fervent she is when it comes to love and her beliefs.


These Lip and Cheek Gel Tints are Organic, Vegan, Halal, and Cruelty free. A little goes a long way because it’s highly pigmented and long lasting. Unlike a lot of tints, this is very blendable and does not leave uneven patches on your cheeks. It can also be used three way as a liptint, blush and eyeshadow.


✔️ With Aloe Vera Gel
✔️ Vitamin E
✔️ Glycerine
✔️ Sunflower Oil
✔️ Fruit Extracts

If you love what you see, grab these cutie tints now from BeautéWorks Organique.

3 Replies to “All About SHUT UP AND KISS ME|By BeautéWorks Organique”

  1. You’re such an inspiration ate ! Always down-to earth. You even named the shades of your liptints sa mga malalapit sayo. I hope someday, i can also have my own cosmetic line. I know that this brand will be known in the future . Just continue inspiring others po. I will always support you😘 God bless 😇


  2. I really admire local products specially the people behind them. I really love how you named your products to the people who help you. I admire you for that ate. Your an inspiration to us. And i wish to to make you products known not only here but internationally. Wish you a goodluck. Keep fighting.


    1. Awwwe…thanks Alina. I’m grateful for the opportunity to create these products through their help. And honoring them, even just by the shades feels like the best thing to do.


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