Behind The Shades of CHANNEL YOUR INNER MAN | By BeautéWorks Organique

A day ago, I shared everything about the very first product on my organic cosmetic line,the Shut Up and Kiss Me lip and cheek gel tint which was launched last February. Because of the overwhelming success of that collection, the second product was launched a month after.

The Collection:

I can say that this collection is unique compared to any other cosmetic collections because of its name and shades. Most of the cosmetic collections I know uses the names of flowers, flavors and ladies names for the shades. It’s just all too feminine. I’m very feminine too, but I thought, why limit a collection to what is common? People who has inspired me and has touched my life is not limited to just the women in it. So as a way of honoring the men who made an impact in my life, I made a collection exclusively for them. I named the collection ” Channel Your Inner Man”. And despite the girly nature of the product, I made sure the packaging still fits the manly theme. So this time, I chose to be minimal for the sake of the collection.

Behind the Shades: Which shade is your inner man?

Jessie & Jessie: Everyone can tell they are father and son. They have dreams as big as they can imagine but they know hard work and sacrifice, no shortcuts. No one is more determined than them when they set their mind on something.

Chris: You may want to hear sugar-coated words, but Chris is not gonna give it to you. He spews out sarcasm and maybe add a bit of profanity in the mix. If he cares for you, you’ll get brutal honesty. If he doesn’t, you’ll be lucky to get a “nah!”.

Vince: He’s well composed, and intelligent. He’s good at a lot of things. He sounds very convincing when he talks, he might even convince you to believe the impossible. But one thing he’s the best at, is standing up for his friends. So don’t ever mess with his closest.

Jayson: He’ll probably have his own restaurant someday, but for now, he’s gonna be out at sea. A jack of all trades when it comes to his loved ones and if you ask Jayson a favor, the answer will most likely be a yes!

Dan: First look? hmm…smart, handsome. #boynextdoor. But as soon as Dan starts telling you a story about anything, you can’t stop yourself from laughing like crazy. This guy sure is a stand up comedian in his past life and with his intelligence, a doctor in the future.

Josh: You may live in opposite sides of the city, but Josh would probably be the one you call in the middle of the night when you hear an intruder in your house, just because you know he will show up.

Gabb: His friends are lucky to have him. Gabb treats his friends like family and enjoys spending time with them. He listens when you need him but he can annoy you bigtime too – his own version of being sweet.

✨Cocoa Butter
✨Shea Butter
✨Sunflower Oil
✨Coconut Oil
✨Vitamin E

Just like our liptints, our tinted lipbalms are organic. It does not look oily like a usual lip balm but it is definitely moisture-rich and highly pigmented. It can also be used as a lipbalm, blush and eyeshadow.

One Reply to “Behind The Shades of CHANNEL YOUR INNER MAN | By BeautéWorks Organique”

  1. Dan is my shade😍 I remember my boyfriend in that shade, handsome (of course ! It’s my man), smart (always at the top when he’s still studying), and now he’s a manager. When i first met him, I thought he’s just a serious boring man to be with, but as the time pass by , never did i expect that he’s really a funny, joker and a man who could make me laugh all day ! 😍


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