Ever had that feeling that you’ve lived in the same province for eighty percent of your life and yet, there are still too many nooks and corners that you haven’t explored? Coz I had. So we packed our summer necessities: sunnies sunblock and bikinis, coz we’re off for a dip. We went for a drive down south for about two hours until we reached the rocky paradise of Tangkaan  Beach Resort located at Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte. 

We reside in Hilongos Leyte and there’s a lot of nice beaches in our area but we have been to most already, so Tangkaan Beach Resort is a great pick. It is one of the famous beaches in Southern Leyte. It has been dubbed as “Leyte’s Own version of Boracay” because of its crystal clear waters and its panoramic landscape. Personally, I think it’s more like the “El Nido of Leyte” because of it’s big rock formations.  

Tangkaan Beach Resort is a 2-hour ride from Hilongos Leyte but may take longer if you use public transportation. So it would be better to use a private vehicle, especially because Tangkaan is not along the main road.  For commuters, you still need to ride a motorcycle or tricycle to get there so be very vigilant and negotiate with the driver first. They might price a little higher if they know that you’re not from the area.  

This area gets covered with water during high tide and is perfect for cliff diving

Tangkaan Beach Resort is one of the most affordable beach resorts in Leyte. The entrance fee is only 10 pesos. They don’t require you to get a table if you don’t want to unlike most of the resorts that I’ve been to here in Cebu. So if you’re just looking to take a dip in a resort with clear waters and outstanding view. This right here is a perfect place.

Once you get there, you will need to go down a long staircase that leads to the beach. It’s not really a pain going down since the stairs are concrete and it has concrete side rails as well, so it’s safe. It’s also shaded with lush greens so you won’t really feel the heat of the sun.

Left: Stairs going to the Beach 
Right: Stairs going to the Diving Deck

They have long concrete tables with concrete benches, shaded by a wall of rock with vibrant green bushes hanging like curtains. They don’t have a corkage fee so you are free to bring your own food and drinks. And it’s better that way, there is no pantry in this resort that sells proper food like rice and viand.. They only have a few stalls that sell ‘chichiryas‘ and a few drinks.

Huge stone formation that shaded the tables

Though they are only asking for a very minimal charge, the beach is actually well maintained. So for your P10, you get to enjoy the long white shoreline which stands out compared to other beaches in Leyte since most have black sands and the area is also perfect for snorkeling.

There is another flight of stairs that leads to a spot over-viewing the diving area. Yes! There is a diving area, but this would only be applicable if the tide is high. You can dive from the top of the rock formations.  

At the Diving Deck with the Amazing View

There is another flight of stairs that leads to a spot over-viewing the diving area. Yes! There is a diving area, but this would only be applicable if the tide is high. You can dive from the top of the rock formations.  

View from the Diving Deck

The place is very affordable and is also a known spot so expect that there may be more people on some days. We went there early morning on a weekday so it wasn’t crowded, in fact, we are the only group in the resort at that time. Other people began to arrive at around 9-10 AM and the caretaker said that it tends to get crowded on weekends.  

Will I visit again? Definitely yes! Will I recommend the place? Yes! Yes! Yes! Why visit Tangkaan Beach Resort? 

  • Very affordable given its beauty 
  • Unpolluted crystal clear waters and clean surroundings 
  • Serene and perfect for chill-out with friends or family bonding 
  • Great for snorkeling 
  • No corkage so you can bring your own food and  drinks 
  • Perfect for people who love places with diving boards; you can dive from the top of rock formations 

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