Tangkaan Beach Resort is one of the most affordable beach resorts in Leyte. The entrance fee is only 10 pesos. They don't require you to get a table if you don't want to unlike most of the resorts that I've been to here in Cebu. So if you're just looking to take a dip in a resort with clear waters and outstanding view. This right here is a perfect place.


Developing A Less Judgmental Mindset

Judging others is something that everyone is guilty of. I try not to judge but sometimes I just can’t help it. We have all passed judgment many times in our lives. You and I, we judge others. And other people judge us. We all do it. We are all judgmental in a certain way.


People may tell us what's best for us, and maybe they are right. But the reality is, they don't really know for sure. Everything they're telling us is based on what they've learned from their own experiences or what they've seen around them. From that, they derived a path with the least hardships and least heartaches that can lead us to the best future. But it is still mostly subjective. And even if they are right and it is really what is best for us, it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to make us happy. Coz even the best future with the best job and the most comfortable life does not equate to happiness.

Behind The Shades of CHANNEL YOUR INNER MAN | By BeautéWorks Organique

A day ago, I shared everything about the very first product on my organic cosmetic line,the Shut Up and Kiss Me lip and cheek gel tint which was launched last February. Because of the overwhelming success of that collection, the second product was launched a month after. The Collection: I can say that this collection …

All About SHUT UP AND KISS ME|By BeautéWorks Organique

This year is truly amazing. I started the year with my very own organic cosmetic line; a business venture that has been in the making for months. Being so meticulous as I am, the startup took a lot of time as expected. So much thought was put into the branding and the quality of the …

Grandma’s Closet : A Must-Wear Retro Vintage Outfit

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I celebrated with the rest of the world for how amazing a mother can be. But today, today is another day. It's my grandma's death anniversary. I still miss how she passes by the house each morning to buy her favorite 3-in-1 coffee from our neighbor. And I would intentionally …


"Promdi" is a term that refers to someone who was born in the province and has lived there for a long time. Filipinos from the countryside are often made fun when they first arrive in a big city. If someone is unable to pronounce the letter “f” and instead uses the “p” sound, he or she will be labeled a "promdi". It …

Getting Over a Break-up

As many of you know I was in a 14-year long relationship and some are wondering why for a year now, my Facebook looks like a single lady's timeline. So, to put it out there, it's because the relationship ended last year. I wouldn't be going into details as to why it's over but instead, …


'Twas our last getaway before one of my besties flies to the US to be with her hubby and to finally start working on her dream career. 'Twas supposed to be a trip for the whole gang but unfortunately, the two dudes got stuck in a family emergency. So it's just the four of us.


Do you have that vivid picture of an ideal vacation on a tropical island paradise? Have you imagined that state of bliss, while sitting on an island's pristine shores, and taking in the panoramic view of the invigorating water reflecting the cerulean sky?  Experience all that in Kalanggaman Island. 

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